This year, due to our late start and other factors, we are taking a break from Awana.  Instead, we are trying something new!  What we will be doing is sort of a hybrid of Awana and Bible Drill.  The kids will be memorizing Scripture, but they will also be learning more about what those Scriptures mean and how to apply them to their lives.  They will also be learning the books of the Bible, the divisions of books, who wrote them, and more.  And they will be doing this in teams!  We will also have a Bible lesson time, and game time.


Our preschoolers will still be doing Cubbies, an Awana program.

Our Wednesday evening discipleship will begin on October 7, and will meet each Wednesday from 6:00-7:30 in the children's building.  Please come in with your child on their first night to fill out a registration form.