Discipler Training Courses

Discipler Training Courses:

Disciples must be discipled by Disciplers!

Discipler Training Courses of Section II: Discipler Training of the GC4 Discipleship Studies are intended for the training of believers who are committed to "admoninshing the unruly, encouraging the fainthearted, helping the weak and being patient with everyone" (1 Thess. 5:14). In other words, Be A Discipler.

Most of the courses offered in this section are also beneficial for the spiritual growth of all Christians because each course speaks biblically to many life issues.

Most courses can be taken as a self-study or within a small-group study. It will be your choice.

However, discipling is most effective one-on-one. Are you willing to invest time in another person's life?

Section II: Discipler Training Topics:

The introduction courses (2) offer general information about 'Discipling' and a 'Handbook' on discipling. The 'Handbook' gives in-depth information and guidance for anyone committed to being a 'Discipler'.

A. God's Way vs. Man's Way
B. Biblical Change
C. Dealing with Self
D. Anger and Bitterness
E. Loving Your Neighbor
F. Marriage
G. Singles
H. Parenting
I. Depression, Fear, Anxiety and Worry
J. Grief Recovery
K. Life Dominating Practices
L. God's Standard for Living

Discipler Training will be offered:

Discipler training is available to anyone after they have completed Generation 1, Self-Confronation or anyone willing to develop the skills gained by completing the "Victory over Failures Plan" workbook as you complete a Discipler Training Course. Discipler training courses are available to all during Generation 1 if the need exists.