Generation 1 Studies

Introduction to Generation 1:

Generation 1 studies are made up of the first ten courses of Section 1: Core Courses in the GC4 Discipleship Studies. Only ten courses were chosen to start the discipleship study process to allow for the greatest potential for success of implementation. There is much to learn in managing the process before a large number of courses can be offered. Learning will take place during the implementation and maintenance of the Generation 1 studies.

Courses Offered During Generation 1:

A. Evangelism (3 courses) 31 weeks
B. Getting to Know God (5 courses) 43 weeks
C. Self-Confrontation (1 course) 23 weeks
D. Spiritual Disciplines (1 course) 36 weeks

Path of Progression Through Generation 1 Courses:

The following is a recommended path of progression through the first ten courses of Section 1: Core Courses of the GC4 Discipleship Studies.

All Evangelism courses are taken in numerical order or all Getting to Know God courses are taken in numerical order or the Self-Confrontation course is taken, and then the Spiritual Discipline course is taken last. In other words, A, B, or C can be taken in any order before taking D.

Importance of the Self-Confrontation Course:
The Self-Confrontation course is the key course in the GC4 Discipleship Studies curriculum. It is the key because it is where students gain the knowledge, skill, and experience to use Biblical application tools to bring about lasting heart transformation in the way they think, speak, and act. Therefore, the Self-Confrontation course is the prerequisite to many of the Section 1: Core Courses and also a prerequisite for all Section 2: Discipler Training Courses.

Nevertheless, if someone or a small-group of people desires to take one or more of the Section 2: Discipler Training Courses because a need exists, the related course or courses will be made available and a qualified facilitator will be assigned. However, since the Self-Confrontation class has not been completed yet, extra work will be required to enable development of the Biblical based practical application of the tools taught in Self-Confrontation.

Forming Small-Groups:
Generation 1: GC4 Discipleship Studies small-groups may be formed in various ways. The following are a few examples:
A father forms a small-group consisting of his family. The primary teacher of the family small-group is the father, assisted by his wife.
Two or more family units combine to form a small-group where fathers teach and the women, children assist in facilitation. The families may invite others from all age groups or the same group and married or single to participate.
A co-ed group of people of all ages or the same small group, not of the same family unit(s), married or single form a small-group. Co-ed small-groups are taught by males. Other activities involved in discipleship studies may be facilitated by other male and/or female members.
A group of women and girls, married or single form a small-group taught by and facilitated by women. Other women and girls may be invited to participate.
A group of men and boys, married or single, form a small-group taught and facilitated by men. Other men and boys may be invited to participate.
Generation 1 Course Teachers and Facilitators
Teachers, facilitators of Generation 1 will be volunteers (2) from the members of the small-group.

Biblically, fathers, with the help of their wives, are to teach their family members.

Where two or more family units come together in a small-group, the fathers may take turns teaching. Other members of a small-group may facilitate or help facilitate.

Biblically, women are not to teach in a co-ed small-group, but women can facilitate or help facilitate a co-ed small-group and teach in all women small groups.

*Family units can be made up of married, widowed, divorced, separated, or single adults with children.
*Childcare is available for infants and toddlers on Sunday and Wednesday evenings from 6-8 pm at the church.

Make-up of Small-Groups:
A small group may be made up of a family unit.
A multi-family small group may be made up of more than one family unit, plus mixture of participants of both genders and all age groups (divorced, separated, or single).
Men or women only studies will include like-gender children and youth, unless the topic of discussion is innappropriate for children.
Size of Small-Groups:
Small-group size will be limited to the size of the meeting area and the desires of the small-group. Most study groups in the book of Acts were small-groups in homes limited only by size of the meeting area.
Always seek God's guidance in forming, maintaining, and adjusting the size of a small-group.
Joining a Small-Group
If you are interested in joining a small-group, call Second Baptist Church office at 979.849.7220. The church secretary will take down your name, name of the course or courses you are interested in taking, and your phone number. The information will be given to the Discipleship Director and they will make contact with you.