Why are we here?

The mission statement of SBC Angleton states that, "We exist for the glory of God, by loving God, loving others, and making disciples."  That mission is for all ministries of the church, including children's ministry!  Even our littlest kids in the nursery can learn about God and His love for them!


What do we want to accomplish? 

We want every child, from nursery to 6th grade, to learn truths from Scripture (doctrines) and Bible skills that will equip them to understand the mission statement, and learn how to live it out in their lives.  To this end, it is our goal to provide a safe place where kids not only have fun, but learn every time they are at SBC Angleton.  It is our desire for every child to come to faith in Jesus Christ, and then begin their lifelong journey of growth and discipleship.

We want to be very intentional about what and how we teach our children.  So we have come up with a doctrine and Bible skills plan to keep us on track, based on age.  For instance, we want to teach nursery aged kids and preschoolers that God made them, and loves them.  Kinder students can learn what sin is, and that God talks to us through His Word.  They can also begin memorizing Bible verses, and undertanding what the references mean (Bible book, chapter, verse).  As children grow, they can learn and understand more and more.  Then, we organize our programs to make sure that we are teaching the kids what we feel they should know.

Click here to check out our full Children's Doctrine Plan.


How do we do that?

Sunday School - This is our core discipleship program.  Classes, divided by age, meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30 to study the Word of God.  Here at SBC Angleton all ages study the same thing at age appropriate levels, so families can discuss the lesson together and continue learning at home.  There are also family devotionals available to accompany our curriculum.

We are currently using the Answers Bible Curriculum, from Answers in Genesis.  This wonderful study is a chronological journey through the Bible, learning the truths of Scripture as well as how to defend our faith.

Click here to learn more about the Answers Bible Curriculum.


Children's Church - Children K-4th grade are invited to participate in this discipleship training during our corporate worship.  They are dismissed from corporate worship.  We do not have children's church during the summer or on holidays, so that the kids can learn to sit in and participate in corporate worship with their families. **We are not currently having children's church, but it will return soon!**


Wednesday Night Discipleship - Wednesday evenings this year we are trying something new!  Because of our late start, we are not doing Awana right now.  Instead we are doing a hybrid of Awana and Bible Drill.  Children in Kinder-6th grade will be working in teams to know more about how the Bible is put together, the divisions of the books, where to find passages, memorize Scripture and understand them!  We will also have a time of Bible teaching, and a game time.

Our preschool children will continue using Cubbies from Awana.


Children's Choir - During the fall, we use Sunday nights to prepare a Christmas musical.  Teaching music and theater has many benefits for the kids, as well as gaining a better understanding of the birth of Christ.  This is for kids K-6th grade.

Right now we are working on "O Little Christmas Town" which will be presented on December 13.


Discipleship - Sunday nights during the spring and Wednesday evenings during the summer, we study various discipleship topics to help us fulfill our Children's Doctrine Plan.  For example, we have studied the Pilgrim's Progress, and Theology.  This summer we are studying the fruit of the Spirit.


Yearly Outreach/Discipleship Programs - These are opportunites for us to go out into the community, or invite families to our facility, for a safe space to have fun as well as hear the gospel.  Check back during the year for more details on these events.

  • Vacation Bible School - Children K-6th grade are invited to join us for a wonderful time of foundational teachings on who God is, and why Jesus came.  This will be our third year to have it in the community, at Masterson Park.  Click here for more information or to register for VBS.
  • Fall Festival - Each year on October 31 we offer free games, food, snowcones and more in our gym.  We have a wonderful time playing together and seeing all of the fun costumes!
  • Easter Egg Hunt - The Saturday before Easter we come together to talk about the true reason for the holiday, as well as hunt tons of eggs for candy and prizes!  Children of all ages are invited.  The last two years we have been privileged to have the hunt at Southside Elementary.

Come join us!

Click here to contact the Children's Ministry Coordinator.